Hello there, and welcome to my little working world of Illustration! 

I have been an Illustrator for as long as I've been able to hold a coloured crayon...which comes out at about 25 years. This love of design & creation led me to a career in film & television, within which my interest gravitated towards concept art & sculpture creation, particularly as both of these things vividly encompass scene and character design in relation to story.  

I am now a freelance Illustrator, taking on commissioned work whilst also starting my own Illustration Company, The Busy Mouse Company. My creative voice is defined by colour, nature, character and scene. Each of these ‘living’ elements together form the final organic designs that I am proud to spend my time creating. For so long I have wanted to explore my passion for illustration; I feel very lucky (and incredibly excited) to to finally be able to do this! 

My Illustration sales website will be launching soon, but until then feel free to contact me at gracewestwood@yahoo.com. 

Thank you for visiting and do pop back soon,