Grace Westwood


My previous work has included Installation Design and Construction, as well as Art Direction for Film and Concept Art for Theatrical Productions. Most recently I have been assisting in the Art Department for TV Drama, as well as Art Directing Short Films.

It is fascinating what Scenic Artists and Production Designers, and of course their hugely creative teams, are capable of; bringing into physicality that which has perhaps only existed on the page or in the mind. Working so closely with visual story tellers, I am inspired every day to continue developing my personal design style and to keep seeking collaborations with those who also share my passion for making characterful environments. 

 I very much hope you enjoy looking through the work I have put on my website. I have tried to include a variety of my work, so that you have a glimpse of my own design process, and explore the projects I have completed and am involved in. 

I am continually updating with my latest work, so please feel free to visit again in the future!