Grace Westwood

Protest banners I made, based on historical research of the event

Working with Props and Set Dressing, I was in charge of making Political Rosettes for characters to wear

Model I made for House of Commons set

Working on this BBC TV Drama, I was responsible for the organising of the art department office and its materials, placing orders, receiving/making deliveries, as well as completing art department money allowance forms. 

During the position, I was also required to help each member of the team to ensure deadlines were reached. This meant regularly assisting in the measuring of rooms and recording of spacial features.

My work varied greatly from one day to the next. I was able to make a multitude of props during my time on the production, working with the graphic and props departments. Working on location for a lot of the shooting period, I was also put in charge of box cover-ups, which meant working with the set painters and art director. 

When working in the office, I completed white card models for production meetings and technical drawings for set dressers. I very much enjoyed the responsibility of this, and the opportunity to work closely with the Art Director to meet all technical requirements. 

The experience of working in a busy art department on this period shoot was fantastic. It was the perfect environment to develop my skills and knowledge, and I very much look forward to my next opportunity to work in the art department for TV. 

A Very English Scandal. Designer, Helen Scott (2017)