Busy Mouse Co.

Dearest reader,

My name is Grace, and for as long as I can remember I have adored the process of creation. My most natural habitat is an environment formed of paintbrushes, pencils, a hefty variety of papers and, of course, a sizeable collection of books. 

Last year, during Englands first Covid lockdown, I started designing small ‘cardlets’ for family members & friends, with an aim to bring just a little sunshine to their lives. The more I designed, the more it became apparent to me that cards are a language that we all speak; the language of togetherness, hope and support. It was on this understanding that I started to build my little business, The Busy Mouse Company. 

Alongside my love for designing, I am equally committed to building an environmentally friendly and sustainable business. All of my card is therefore FSC Approved, and every whisker of my packaging is recyclable! 

I will finish by saying thank you, so very much, for your interest in my design work and little business. Please be sure to check back in the future for updates on the Busy Mouse Company.

Squeak soon, G