After studying the character of Ophelia in Shakespeare's Hamlet, I decided to make a short experimental film, which takes inspiration from Shakespeare's original literary work and the creative aesthetic of the theatrical environment. 

Ophelia can be said to typify the stereotypical view of woman’s role, both throughout history and in the present day.  Her helpless representation is what women over time have fought to be rid of, however in this film I explore the power of the female, referencing Emmeliene Pankhursts Freedom or Death Speech throughout the design and creation process. 

In my film, Ophelia is a powerful female character whose body is her means of liberation. Designing her costume therefore required a lot of critical development in order for Ophelia to embody empowerment, without being masculinised.I responded to my requirements by designing a simplistic, non-floral dress with unrestricted movement.  This was both suitable for expressive performance, and reflects practicality in a woman fighting for her life. In effect, I felt I was deconstructing Shakespeare’s Ophelia, and re-sculpting her in the light of modernity.  

You can view my work for this project above